Breakthrough Improvement Plan Case

For the assignment, we discuss a situation at a local processing plant where the leadership team is about to launch an improvement plan for invigorating mail sortation quality. First, I will analyze the communication issues that have occurred in the case; then observe channels of communication that managers missed; and finally, try myself the manager role and provide some ideas on the topic.

Communication Issues

I took the liberty to assume that the leadership team had not discussed the growing issue with employees before setting a new plan. That may be the first misconduct of communication as workers were cut out of the initial stage of the problem-solving process – Identifying and Brainstorming. 

Seemingly, They might not even know about the breakthrough goal of 98% and are unaware of the issue itself for the difference of performance only 5%. Thus, there is no ground for motivation to improve performance.

Another communication error might take place if the leadership team considers union shop intervention a threat. It might refer to poor rapport with workers and that departments do not operate as a whole. Thus, the third problem is a lack of company culture, team spirit, and adequate employees’ sensemaking due to poor communication.

Communication Channels

The fact that the situation happened in a manufactury defines the possible ways for interaction with employees. First, wall screen presentations with graphs/charts and banners to support the company spirit, identify goals and achievements. 

Another channel that might come in handy is surveys and questionnaires where managers could ask workers’ opinions on some instances, share ideas, and get feedback on job satisfaction. 

Besides, an accounting manager can provide annual rewards statements of compensation, benefits, and work/life programs to provide value to employees by showing how much the plant spent on them (HR360Inc, 2015). 

Moreover, it might be the design of the uniform with the company’s logo-motto signs that reflect the organization’s values. As some additional keys to greater productivity and building successful communication, why not consider launching an employee newsletter (Cleary, 2021).

Effective Program Implementation

Imagine I am in charge of solving the mail sortation low-quality issue. There is the sequence of steps I would take:


1. Identify the goal and problem for workers – honest, transparent, and in simple words so as the employees may take in a better understanding of the big picture; managers build trust communication;

2. Conduct the survey to ask employees for ideas on the source of the problem and ways to fix it. It helps to perceive the broader picture, understand the level of employees’ motivation, and fine-tune with the audience on the following program implementation stage.

3. Thank everyone for their input and analyze the results. If it is appropriate, share the outcomes in graphs. 


4. Set up a meeting with employees’ team leaders to discuss the new program and optimum way for its implementation;

5. Stress out the importance personally for me as a worker of the organization in my public talk – it gives both the reason for the new changes and ground for motivation; 

6. Practice sensemaking and use call-to-action words to facilitate understanding and set priorities;

7. Break down the complex program into small tasks to simplify the steps of implementation;

8. Use a variety of communication channels to reach the largest audience.

All things considered, successful program implementation is possible when the relationship between the managerial sector and the manufacturing floor is rectified. Communication is a powerful tool for achieving the goal, and I believe the essay’s ideas would serve their purpose.

Thank you for your time, and I am looking forward to reading the essays on the same topic to learn alternative solutions!


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