I am amazed by the transformative power of creative expression! Art therapy serves as a profound catalyst for self-discovery.

  The joy I find in exploring the dance between our outer and inner selves lies in the emotional spectrum, allowing me to forge a deeper bond with the world around me.

Basic Emotions



the only way Is through




Burning Inside


Let it go

…holding a pen.. in front of a blank piece of paper.. I pose a question… the answer comes with the image…


We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known

Brene Brown


Janae B.Weinhold

with others


Taking Turns


The Flight From Intimacy


Halving It All


Curious eyes, awkward smiles

… creating artwork provides a feeling of achievement as one moves through the internal processing of thoughts and emotions, leading to a sense of solace upon reflection …



Individual & Society

Personal Space​

vital for creativity


narcissistic "Not enough"

Core Self

driven by needs, wishes, dreams

Social Pressure

in shaping behavior

The “Language” of the Unconscious

Using our conscious mind, humans communicate with one another through language. Language is the workings of the rational mind (or cerebral cortex). The difficulty in approaching the unconscious is that it doesn’t communicate with words. It expresses itself as images and symbols. Only a few have learned to interpret these images and symbols that come to us in dreams, fantasies, and visions.

When you know how to use your imagination, your ability to create begins to unfold. Without mental editing, capture whatever ideas and images arise. Just as our conscious mind is providing us with a constant stream of thought, our unconscious is perpetually trying to express itself.

Accessing and paying attention to these images is the first step; learning to interpret and translate them is the second.

Tune in and listen,

Scott Jeffrey

It Mirrors Me. PART I

It Mirrors Me. PART II

    Sometimes, I bring my thoughts and ideas to life through action. In a video I made in 2019, I captured a series of my own fears. As I observed these fears manifesting and reflecting within me, they eventually dissipated into thin air, giving way to a transformative shift in my surroundings. I pondered the significance of these fears and wondered: What lessons did they offer me? Could there be a glimmer of hope concealed within every shadow?