Styles of Leadreship

By Katia Savenko Updated January 03, 2022

There are many different “styles” of leadership that have been offered by experts. Investigate the different styles, and write about one style of leadership that currently interests you the most.

Leadership strategy is a complex and diverse subject. I investigated 11 styles from the article written by Michael Wroblewski (2019) to arrange them for the following factors: a leader’s way of interacting with subordinates, emotional maturity, level of involvement, and values (pic. 1).

Daniel Goleman (2019) highlights six approaches that are considered effective, and color rectangles mark them in the image above. The article’s author suggests applying the styles interchangeably and best to address the situation.
According to Michael Wroblewski (2019), “many leaders commingle several styles, with one being predominant.” I am keen on learning more about a combo of Transformational plus Transactional leadership as vision and structure are instrumental in a project.
The shared vision is a crux that makes the group happen and work together. For the analysis of the two approaches, I use material from the tutorial video by Alex Lyon (Communication Coach Alex Lyon, 2020), where he compares the approaches concerning Maslow’s pyramid of needs (pic. 2).

“Do Your Job”
The transactional style is a task-oriented strategy that is “most concerned with satisfying the physiological, safety, and belonging needs of followers.” The performance is tied to rewards, corrective action, and punishment (Jonson & Hackman, 2018, p. 107).

“Transform Followers Into Leaders”
Transformational Leadership engages people on all five levels of Maslow’s hierarchy for reinforcing “inner feelings of competence, respect, and self-worth” and support to be “the best person you can possibly become” (Jonson & Hackman, 2018, p. 107)

The two leadership styles help maintain the balance between group dynamics, high performance, and strict deadlines, whereas employees have personal motivation, creativity, and passion for their work output.


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